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Lighting Reality Exhibit at SALC USA

15-Oct-2021 Company News
Lighting Reality Exhibit at SALC USA

Lighting Reality exhibited for the first time this year at the Illuminating Engineering Society’s Street & Area Lighting Conference (SALC) in the USA.

Held this year as a Virtual Forum, between 11th – 13th October, the conference was as rich in content as it was diverse.  Insightful papers & presentations were delivered not only by leading industry players but also by organisations outside of the mainstream industry, including NASA (if you think designing lighting on Earth is difficult, think again). Subjects ranged from current standards & proposed best-practice lighting through to the latest innovations in smart technology.

As one of a select group of exhibitors, we rubbed virtual shoulders with industry stalwarts and new players alike from mainstream luminaire & component manufacturers through to leading smart technology players.

Lighting Reality’s CEO, Tony Cook commented, “We have been supporters of the IES for some time now, and with the launch of LR Studio, the time is now right for us to raise our profile in North America. We were delighted with the response from engineers and manufacturers looking for a new lighting design software option that can give them a competitive edge through productivity gains.” 

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