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NEW Photometric Update from TRT Lighting

19-Oct-2021 Data Partner
NEW Photometric Update from TRT Lighting

The TRT philosophy of producing lanterns that are useful tools for lighting designers and installers and that are supported with clear and concise information is central to the latest TRT Lighting Reality update.

The Optio Micro range is extended with the addition of more optic choices, PC Amber and 2200K options as well as 3000K and 4000K  in the new 16LED version. All the optics are mechanically interchangeable on site and colour coded to match their descriptions in Lighting Reality to facilitate easy recognition.

The new Optio Midi 48 LED lantern with outputs up to 100W has been added to Lighting Reality with a range of PC Amber, 2200K, 3000K, 4000K CCT optics and 5700K Zebra options.

The addition of the Midi to the Optio range makes the patented Optio adjustable mounting system, with no need for separate reducers or adaptors, available in a lantern with Wattages appropriate for main road lighting for the first time.

In Optio Micro and Optio Midi 1-3W Wattage steps have been introduced to allow for optimised energy use in design. Within this range the PowerSet Wattage options, which can be easily selected on site, are clearly indicated in the Lighting Reality files thus facilitating the use of stock lanterns if desired. 

Our commitment to making shielded photometry readily available has been extended to include the contemporary decorative Circa lantern with internal shielding fitted. 


For more information on the TRT Range please contact the Technical Director on +44 (0) 1527 521162  (email:

Further information on the full availability and specification of the TRT Range can be found at

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