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NEW Photometric Updates from our Data Partner Urbis Schréder

05-Aug-2022 Data Partner
NEW Photometric Updates from our Data Partner Urbis Schréder

Owing to the 50 years of dedication to delivering an extraordinary experience through lighting, Urbis Schréder focuses on providing lighting that can empower people, impact lives, support communities and transform spaces.

We have solutions for all scale of applications including Road, Tunnel, Industry, Urban Deco, Illumination, Sports and Smart Lighting. With our expertise in lightabilityTM, we demonstrate the needs of today’s world through the creation of our luminaires which were made with sustainability, efficiency and innovation in mind.

The latest launch of our new AXIA 3 EVO and the update to our AMPERA luminaires not only adds to our extensive family of luminaires but keeps those same values at the core.

AXIA 3 EVO - Completing the AXIA luminaires range, the AXIA 3 EVO joins us as our most innovative and lightweight urban luminaire yet dedicated to residential areas. Serving as a unique product in the residential lighting industry, the AXIA 3 EVO was developed combining various technical innovations to a minimal design and further based on the specific needs of residential spaces where well-being and security are a crucial criterion. With sustainability and efficiency in mind, this luminaire is fully recyclable and "connected-ready", meaning minimal waste and future proof installations, if you are not ready for control just yet.

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or download our product sheet AXIA_3_EVO_ProductSheet_EN.pdf (

AMPERA EVO – Improving the existing efficient, economical, and sustainable LED lighting solution that was provided by the original AMPERA MINI and MIDI by introducing the AMPERA EVO. This innovative performance upgrade provides powerful lighting, fast and simple installation, is connected ready - for future proofing your installation, if not ready for control yet, as well as having the fastest return on investment. Available with various lumen packages - and numerous lighting distributions - the AMPERA EVO can meet all your road and urban lighting needs.

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or download our product sheet AMPERA_EVO_ProductSheet_EN_0.pdf (

TECEO GEN2 – From bike paths, squares and car parks to residential streets, urban roads, large avenues and motorways, our newest TECEO GEN2 provides as an ideal solution for lighting numerous environments in an efficient and sustainable manner. Continuing from the success of the first generation of this luminaire, this highly efficient luminaire is available in three sizes to offer towns and cities the ideal tool to improve lighting levels, generate energy savings and reduce their ecological footprint whilst also giving you control options that enable you to connect your lighting scheme and be smart city ready. Designed for a versatile mounting with the same universal piece allowing both side-entry and post-top fixation on a spigot, the TECEO GEN2 is easy to combine with standard poles, refined brackets and wall brackets. Additionally, the TECEO is available with NEMA or Zhaga sockets and complies with the ZD4i Standard.

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