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NEW Photometry Update from TRT Lighting

07-Jun-2022 Data Partner
NEW Photometry Update from TRT Lighting

To provide a range of options when designing lighting schemes in areas of ecological sensitivity and for areas where there is a particular focus on protecting dark skies, 2200K CCT photometry has been added by TRT for multiple lanterns in the Optio and Aspect ranges.

To control light spill when needed, shield photometry has also now been included for an increased selection of Aspect lanterns and for the Optio Micro lantern. 

Both of these enhancements to the TRT photometric offer are to support designers and the ethos of the right light in the right place.

There are also efficiency gains with a increase of circa 4% in lumens per watt for 3000K CCT in Aspect Eco and Aspect 16, 32, 48, 64 and 96 LED lanterns and similarly in Optio 16 and 48 LED lanterns. 

Following measurements and testing over an extended period, TRT are now also able to increase the maintained flux per watt for lanterns operating with CLO to account for the confirmed lumen maintenance performance over time. 

Finally, the Aspect Zebra has changed to 48 LED with some small photometric revisions. 3000K and 4000K versions are now available as well as the original 5700K.

For more information on the TRT range please contact the Technical Director on +44 (0) 1527 521162  (email:

Further information on the full availability and specification of the TRT range can be found at

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