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V2.1 of Lighting Reality PRO now available!

20-Jul-2020 Lighting Reality PRO Company News
V2.1 of Lighting Reality PRO now available!

We are pleased to announce that the new Lighting Reality PRO V2.1 update is now available, with 2 new standards updates:

BS5489-1:2020 – British Standard for road lighting design (Design of road lighting. Lighting of roads and public amenity areas. Code of practice)

   - The new standard has a large number of changes, and some implications for lighting designers using Lighting Reality PRO.

  • Design classification- determination and the risk assessment
  • Variable lighting considerations for subsidiary roads and traffic routes
  • Energy considerations and how this is determined
  • Maintenance factor determination
  • Scotopic/Photoptic (S/P) ratios- how these are used now
  • Glare, glare metrics and how to use them. 

- Lighting Reality Roadway implements the new standard, and includes the changes to the S/P ratios, Glare (TI) and calculates the energy metrics for the design.

AS/NZS 1158.3.1.2020 –  Lighting for roads and public spaces. Pedestrian area (Category P) lighting- Performance and design requirements. 

    - Lighting Reality Roadway implements the new Australia/ New Zealand standard, including the full set of PR and PP lighting classes defined in the standard.

Standards configuration in Roadway
The addition of the new BS5489-1 and AS/NZS 1158.3.1 standards, while still retaining the previous versions of a range of international standards, has resulted in a selection from over 18 different standards in Roadway. Most users probably only use a few of these day to day so we have implemented an option where by the user can specify which standards they have available in the standards drop-down, and the order in which they appear. Standards not selected by the user can be added later, and Roadway projects opened which are based on a standard not in the list, will result in that standard being temporarily added and the project file opening correctly.

Photometric Data Library
As the photometric data sets released by our Data Partners have been consistently growing in size over the past couple of years we have undertaken a re-write of the Photometric Data library. Previously on opening Lighting Reality PRO the application did a full scan of all of the directories in the photometric library. In order to significantly speed up the initial load of the library only the top level directory structure is read. Each sub-directory tree is now only scanned when it is selected for the first time, so there may be a brief delay at this point, but overall the application will perform much quicker, particularly when a significant number of data sets have been downloaded and installed.

Lighting Reality PRO V2.1 is available to download for existing users with a valid maintenance contract or a current subscription by using Help>Updates in either the Roadway or Outdoor application, and then selecting Lighting Reality V2.1.0 in the Components list. For organisations that use off line install methods, please contact for availability of offline installers.
Please note that project files created with Lighting Reality PRO V2.1 are not backward compatible with Lighting Reality PRO V2.0 and earlier, as it references the new BS5489 standard not available in previous versions.

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