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V2.2.0 of Lighting Reality PRO now available!

27-Jul-2021 Lighting Reality PRO
V2.2.0 of Lighting Reality PRO now available!

We are pleased to announce that the new Lighting Reality PRO V2.2.0 update is now available to download.

New features / enhancements:
[#V21-86] The outdoor module feature Mark has been improved to allow a user defined entry for the step spacing. The default increment is 0.5m however, any value can be typed into the step dialogue box, this enables the tool to be more flexible when employed to set out lighting points in Outdoor designs.

Recovery files for Outdoor are now being stored as *.raa, not *.rtma. This makes the process faster, and more reliable, but means that to fully recover in the event of a failure, the user must reload any dwg/dxf drawing file and/or luminaire photometry as required. Recovery files are now kept for 30 days before being deleted.

[#V21-70] In the outdoor module the set all MF allows individual MF to be assigned to each lantern type, upon DXF export the Maintenance factor was reported incorrectly in the DXF text, although the calculations remained correct. This version fixes that issue so that the DXF export values match the defined values and are consistent.

[#V21-59] In the outdoor module a corrupted drawing was preventing project files from opening. This issue is resolved with the project file now opening with a warning message given and the opportunity to reload the drawing from a none corrupt version.

[#V21-52] Within the standard BS5489 Part 1 :2020 the requirement for semi cylindrical illuminance to be calculated is no longer necessary for facial recognition and has been removed from the quality figures.

[#V21-53] & [#V21-72] With certain photometry files the lamp flux for multi-lamp fittings was reporting single lamp flux on screen however the program was using the correct calculated flux within computations, this has now been corrected.

[#V21-65] During Vertical grid calculations the Hemispherical illuminance option was not greyed out. Fixed.

[#V21-58] The prematurely terminated save of complex project files was followed by program exit with failure on write not being reported back to the user. This issue resulted in the project file not loading on next use. This has been resolved with reporting and the save process verified before program exit.

[#V21-39] Intermittent error occurred with the luminaire image file not being saved to the project file. This has been resolved and corrected but had no effect on the calculations just on the project presentation.

[#V21-69] The S/P Ratio is retrieved from embedded files within photometry and sometimes stored to 3 decimal places, occasionally this was inconsistently displayed between Roadway and Outdoor modules due to minor interpolation difference in the program. The code has been verified and made consistent across both modules and this issue is resolved.
[#V21-50] When installing a new version of Lighting Reality PRO through the in-programme update, the updated version was not being report as installed. Corrected.

When employing unusually low-level mounting height luminaires the total quantity included within the scheme of calculation varied from the following standards:  EN13201:2015 Luminance (EN13201-3_2015.pdf 7.1.5) and AS/NZ 1158 Illuminance (AS NZS 1158.2-2005 3.2.1b (iii)). The effect of this was less than 0.1% on calculated values but has now been corrected and verified.

For the AS/NZS 1158.3.1:2020 standard Vertical Illuminance now used for Dim To Opt also added correct columns for standard to Cmp feature.

Updated help files
The help files are currently being republished after a total rewrite, which should make the help system easier to use and more consistent in its layout. The updated help files will be available for download in approximately 4 weeks.

Lighting Reality PRO V2.2.0 is available to download for existing users with a valid maintenance contract or a current subscription by using Help>Updates in either the Roadway or Outdoor application, and then selecting Lighting Reality V2.2.0 in the Components list. For organisations that use off line install methods, please contact for availability of offline installers.

Please note that project files created with Lighting Reality PRO V2.2 are not backward compatible with Lighting Reality PRO V2.0 and earlier, as it references the new BS5489 standard not available in previous versions.

For any assistance or support, please contact us at:
Phone: +44 (0) 1299 382 100

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