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MANAGE is a new module that simplifies the process of identifying potential luminaires to design around. We've been working to standardise product attribute identifiers to enable you to pre-filter and narrow down your product selection through a few simple clicks. No longer do you need to know how to navigate through each individual manufacturer's naming and code protocols.

MANAGE is integrated as Standard with OPTIMIZE and DESIGN


Photometry Manager

The in-built photometry manager that drives MANAGE offers a range of pre-filter attributes to enable your narrowing-down process, including:

  • Style (e.g. functional or decorative)
  • Colour Temperature range
  • Mounting Type (e.g. side - post top - catenary - wall bracket)
  • Control Options (e.g. NEMA 3/5/7 - Zhaga Book 18
  • CLO
  • Lumen Output Range
  • IP / IK
  • Operating Temperature


Create Optimise Groups

MANAGE gives you the capability to "tag" products and add them to defined product groups (as defined by you) for automatic inclusion in relevant project calculations.

Optimise groups can be made up of products listed in our product library and product files imported directly by the user


Get in touch to find out more about MANAGE.