Lighting Reality PRO

Lighting Reality PRO is a fast and user-friendly PC software application for street & area lighting design. LR Pro allows lighting designers to quickly create street and outdoor area lighting plans that comply with industry standards in real-time.

Lighting Reality PRO comes preloaded with photometric data from various top international lighting manufacturers and supports key road lighting standards, including IES RP08 for North American users and EN 13201 for European users.

This intuitive exterior lighting design application doesn’t require any basic training and is remarkably fast. Most lighting designers can become proficient in LR Pro in as little as half an hour.

Street Lighting Standards Supported:

  • EN13201:2015 & EN13201:2003
  • CIE Standards 115 & 140
  • American Standard IES RP8-00 & IES RP8-14
  • British Standard BS5489:2020, BS5489:2013
  • AS/NZS 1158:2020 & 1158:2005

FREE Trial

Ready to give Lighting Reality PRO a try? We offer an evaluation copy that you can download and trial for free (no credit card required).

The software is compatible with Windows 10/11 PCs and provides full access to all the application’s features for 30 days, with the following limitations:

  • Photometric Data is restricted to a demo data set.
  • Live projects cannot be opened in the evaluation version.
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  • Real-time On-screen Updates: This is the only lighting programme globally that immediately displays results on-screen when fittings are selected, moved, or altered. It saves time for busy designers, making LR Pro the preferred programme for outdoor lighting professionals worldwide.
  • Quick, Easy, Intuitive: It’s so easy to use that even inexperienced lighting engineers can become competent users in as little as half an hour. The navigation is super-intuitive and user-friendly, with excellent help files and email support available.
  • Luminaire Photometrics: Polar diagrams, lantern images, and photometric file data are all accessible during luminaire selection. For example, the on-screen display changes when the lantern optic setting is altered.
  • Report Customisation: This feature allows users to set up the report with the required elements. Options include the title page, layout page, layout with contours, greyscale, results, as well as polar and Cartesian curves.
  • DXF/DWG File Handling: Lighting Reality allows the import of DXF or DWG files in AutoCAD 2010 format or earlier. Users can choose to display the drawing in a single grey color by default or in its original colours, if needed.
  • Print-to-Scale: Users can select any printer and then choose any paper format associated with that printer, whether in portrait or landscape layout. Predefined scales can be selected, or users can input a custom value. Elements like greyscale, contours, or results can then be chosen for printing.