NEW Data Partner – Zeta Specialist Lighting.

NEW Data Partner - zeta

Lighting Reality is proud to introduce its latest data partner, Zeta Specialist Lighting.

Family-run and based in Oxfordshire, Zeta has been at the forefront of lighting innovation for more than three decades.
This commitment to innovation, most recently in the fields of LED Mains and Solar lighting solutions, coupled with a long-standing reputation for excellence in the outdoor and street lighting sectors has seen the company go from strength-to-strength with a number of high-profile roll-outs.
A selection of data from Zeta’s mains-powered and solar-powered products are now on Lighting Reality.

Zeta’s portfolio of products includes:

  • Mains and Solar Street lighting solutions (Aspire and Nano)
  • Heritage Mains and Solar
  • Solar Bollards
  • Bus/Shelter Mains and Solar
  • Sign Lighting Mains and Solar
  • Retrofit Gear-trays

Aspire Family
Available in four sizes – Mini, Midi, Maxi and Ultra Max – Aspire is a highly efficient, light-weight, sleek and versatile range of LED street luminaires, delivering high lumen output and superior light distribution for a wide range of applications in rural, urban and conservation areas. Easy to install and maintain, its highly efficient programmable driver makes it one of the most energy, carbon and cost-efficient on the market.

4 sizes delivering from 5,600 lm to 31,000 lm; efficacies up to 173 lm/W
Factory-fitted 7 pin NEMA socket – enables future smart infrastructure development
Dark Skies Compliant; also tilt-able in the range of +/-15 degrees
Constructed to IP66 and up to IK 10
Designed to deliver a minimum of 100,000 hours (further extendable with smart controls) with a 10-year warranty
Wide range of colour temperatures from 2200 K to 5000 K; CRI >80
Controls compatible with Photocell, Smart DynaDimming and full CMS (through 0-10 and DALI) control and monitoring of individual luminaires
For more information, please visit

Nano Family 
Available in mains and solar powered versions, Nano is an elegant, light-weight, compact lantern, ideal for a range of applications from Streets & Roads, through to Residential, Industrial, Car Park & Rail Station areas, as well as pathways, parks & gardens.
 Colour temperature options from 2700K to 6500K; CRI >80
Lifetime rating up to 100 000 hours; Constructed to IP65/IP66 and IK10
Light-weight – from just 3.7KG
Range of control options including photocells, smart dimming & DALI control & monitoring of individual luminaires
For more information, please visit

Heritage Family 
The SmartScape Heritage lanterns incorporates intelligent cooling technology for optimum heat dissipation, which ensures a long life. Improved Safety & Reduced Environmental Impact Enhanced visibility for pedestrians and traffic through improved colour rendering (CRI) of >80, as well as reduced light pollution. Long Lifespan Lifetime L90 B10 @ >100,000 hours – which can be extended further with the use of smart controls. Many styles available in Mains Led and Solar. Cree LED
CCT Options 2700k-6500K
CRI >80
Luminaire efficacy up to 140lm/W
Range of lens options
UK manufactured
Low maintenance
Superior lighting levels
Unique Emergency power option

Retro-Fit Gear Trays 
Zeta’s SmartScape Geartrays are bespoke solution for retrofitting intelligent LED lighting into existing, traditional Heritage-style Lanterns. With standard wattage options from 8W to 147W, the versatile LED system provides significant energy and cost savings when compared to traditional lamps, whilst not compromising on quality of light. Zeta’s intelligent design means that the LED gear trays can be engineered to fit into any shape or size lantern, making it a wholly flexible retrofit solution. The product utilises high quality lens technology, Cree LEDs and the Philips Xitanium driver ensuring longevity in situ with the use of the highest quality components. SmartScape Heritage is available in two different LED arrays – single chip and 12 chip – to guarantee maximum luminaire efficacy across the wide range of available wattages. The single chip solution provides loads of up to 50W, with the 12-chip option offering up to 147W. SmartScape Heritage uniquely has the option to be emergency powered, meaning that the solution will run for a number of hours during a power cut.

As well as this, Zeta’s broad solution offers over 10 different optical options across the range and, with our own in-house Lighting Designer, we can ensure that the most effective solution is provided in each application.

Colour temperature options from 2200K to 6500K; CRI >80
Lifetime rating up to 100 000 hours
Range of control options including photocells, smart dimming & DALI control & monitoring of individual luminaires
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Solar Bollard
The SmartScape Solar Bollard from Zeta Specialist Lighting is a modern solar powered solution for exterior wayfinding illumination. The uniquely-designed solar system comprises; four integrated PV panels to ensure light is captured from all angles, an intelligent lithium-ion battery, two motion-detecting PIR sensors and two LED lights. One LED runs continuously at a low level to ensure that the bollard itself can be seen from a distance, and the other, a downlight reflector, is activated within a 5m range each side of the unit by one of the PIR sensors which illuminates the pathway. As the bollard is solar powered by its own integrated PV panels, trenching and running costs associated with mains powered solutions are eliminated and maintenance costs are drastically reduced.

For more information, please visit

For more information, please visit the Zeta website at or contact Simon Spurr at  Mobile No. 07834 732559

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