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Quick, Easy and Intuitive software for street, road and exterior lighting design

Lighting Reality have specialized in the development of powerful and intuitive outdoor lighting  design technology for over 21 years. Having pioneered real-time design and the first luminaire optimizer on the market, we have continued to be dedicated to the development of software that allows professionals to produce standards compliant outdoor lighting projects quickly, easily, and intuitively.

Streamline your lighting design process today, with Lighting Reality


Lighting Reality are a UK based company who develop software applications for exterior lighting design, with all software, support and training from our own in-house engineers. Lighting Reality PRO was our flagship product for over 20 years, which is being replaced by our new state of the art software package, LR Studio, over the next 12 months. Read on below for details of Lighting Reality PRO and LR Studio.

LR Studio

LR Studio will over the next 12 months replace the existing Lighting Reality PRO Roadway and Outdoor modules, plus will provide an extended range of modules with LR Studio. LR Studio Optimize will replace Roadway, LR Studio Design will replace Outdoor. At the heart of LR Studio is our new calculation engine, capable of running on a users desktop, or providing the power and scalability of cloud computing. New modules such as LR Studio Automate will allow users to harness the power of the new calculation engine, to achieve much more in less time ! Click on the Read more button to explore the new components of LR Studio.

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Lighting Reality PRO

Lighting Reality PRO was first developed in 2000, and over 20 years the software has been the flagship product of Lighting Reality. Over this time it has evolved with many new features and functions, and the implementation of additional street lighting standards from around the world.

Consisting of two modules, Reality Outdoor and Reality Roadway, Lighting Reality PRO enables lighting engineers to design projects for an array of outdoor areas, in real-time using a simple drag and drop functionality. Lighting Reality PRO exterior lighting design software is multi-language and multi-standard.

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About Us

Lighting Reality Limited is a software development company based in Worcestershire, UK. Since its founding in 2000, Lighting Reality have been committed to creating quick, easy, and intuitive PC software for outdoor lighting design. Now used by over 97% of UK lighting engineers, Lighting Reality offer software that is multi- language; multi-standards; and enables designers to easily produce standards-compliant street, and outdoor lighting plans in real-time.

Innovation is our trademark. Lighting Reality pioneered the first luminaire optimizer on the market, and since then we have continued to develop and refine our software to enable our users visions for their projects to become reality. Crucially, we are working to enable users to easily identify luminaires that will give the best performance while consuming the least energy.

Data Partners

We partner with leading lighting manufacturers around the world, allowing us to provide a constantly updated and expanding photometric library of products, suitable for any outdoor environment.

Proudly presenting our data partners:

Data Partner

Support & Training

We provide support and training for all of our software products with our own dedicated in-house engineers. All support issues are logged on our Jira Service Management system, with each issue being allocated a unique support ticket, and allocated throughout it's full lifecycle to one of our own internal support engineers. The support team also have a background in lighting design so are also able to assist with application questions. 

The technical team create and update our technical manuals, online video tutorials, and provide training, either in face to face classroom environments, or one to one online training courses.

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Support & Training

Our Clients

Over the years, Lighting Reality has built a reputation as a trusted provider of outdoor lighting design software. We are pleased to be the software of choice for a wide variety of companies operating within the lighting and electrical industry.

Lighting Reality PRO is used by clients and contractors for a wide variety of challenging outdoor lighting projects, from airports and roads, through to car parks and sports stadiums.

We supply our clients and users with technical support via written & online materials, a dedicated helpdesk system and face to face or online training.

Below, you will find a selection of some of our current clients