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AUTOMATE, available as a bolt-on to OPTIMIZE and DESIGN, takes productivity gains to a whole new level for heavy users. AUTOMATE provides all of the functionality and benefits of OPTIMIZE and DESIGN and more.

Project Set-Up in Excel

AUTOMATE enables you to define multiple project scenarios, using multiple product files, with multiple optimisation criteria within Excel.

Specify your target standard and class at project level or set up customised values per grid. Then define your optimisation criteria for active grids by photometric group and/or dimming.

Link with Third Party Asset Databases

Project set-up in Excel can either be done manually or through setting up links to external third-party Asset Databases.

Batch Job Submission

Drop the Excel files into AUTOMATE and the calculations will run while you do something else. The calculations will run in our new powerful Calculation Engine capable of thousands of calculations per second.


In addition to outputting calculation results automatically into Excel, AUTOMATE can produce customisable pdf reports identical to those of Lighting Reality Pro.

Optimisation Options

AUTOMATE provides increased flexibility of optimisation options including height, spacing and tilt ranges.

Results returned in Excel

Once complete, the calculation results are pre-filled back into the Excel file to enable quick and easy analysis.

Backward & Forward Compatibility

AUTOMATE works with the Lighting Reality Pro suite (Roadway & Outdoor) as well as LR Studio (OPTIMIZE & DESIGN).