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Design is the new name for Reality Outdoor, with added functionality and a fresh new User Interface to enable even quicker and easier Outdoor Area lighting design.


Real-Time Design

Well known for being quick, easy & intuitive, DESIGN continues the Lighting Reality functionality of providing real-time-on-screen-updates as fittings are selected, moved or changed.

Quick, Easy & Intuitive

Most experienced lighting engineers become competent users in as little as 30 minutes. Navigation is simple and our Calculation Engine speeds everything up through its capacity for thousands of calculations per second.

Ready-Loaded Photometry

DESIGN comes pre-loaded with extensive product portfolios of leading outdoor lighting manufacturers. Additionally, importing of non-listed photometric files is a core feature. For more information, visit our Photometry section here.

File Handling

DESIGN is compatible with both DXF & DWG files.

Report Customisation & Print to Scale

Our report customisation feature enables you to tailor-make your reports to include only the elements you require. Additionally, you have the freedom to design your own print-scales or use the default options.

MANAGE integrated as standard

MANAGE is a new module in LR Studio that simplifies the process of identifying potential luminaires to design around. CLick here to find out more about MANAGE.

Language Options

DESIGN is available in English as standard but we are very interested to hear from you if you see a need for further language versions.

Upgrade to AUTOMATE

Upgrade to AUTOMATE for the next level in productivity gains with project inputting and outputting in Excel and more. Find out more about AUTOMATE here.

Additional Features

Mulitple Grids capability and Auto Grid spacings set-up within the options panel

Auto recovery to safeguard your work

Keyboard shortcuts to maximise productivity

Custom DXF exporting to multiple layers


Get in touch to find out more about DESIGN