For over three decades, Cree Lighting has led by converting new science into market-changing products, one breakthrough after another.

The Cree Lighting brand is internationally recognized as the LED lighting pioneering company that revolutionized the lighting market.

Today the brand still stands for innovation, performance, and quality engineering. Being present in Italy since 1988 we’ve always had a singular mission, to create lighting in the best way possible.


We transform innovation into unique solutions regarding optics, colour quality, controls and product quality while ensuring the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Our teams of talented visionaries are not just dedicated to creating solutions that last over time, but in redefining what’s possible.

Light enhances and bestows value to our experiences. We use it to render things better, safer, and more productive, improving all activities of daily life. After all, the difference between simply illuminating and lighting in the best way possible lies in the values of those who make it happen.


We devise newly conceived appliances, produced in an ever-more sustainable way, using durable materials which are designed to reduce waste, to be easily maintained and upgradable and, finally, to be disassembled and correctly disposed of when necessary.

We tirelessly work towards minimizing environmental impact; our solutions help our customers do the same.

Despite the recent disruptive world crises that have inevitably accelerated reshoring strategies, our teams use the latest technologies to design, test and manufacture the appliances locally.

New products are designed and manufactured in Italy, and while we aim to keep the supply chain as short as possible and attentively trace the origin of the materials, we always strive to source from Italian and/or European companies.

We design in Italy; we produce in Italy, offering innovation at your service, facing new challenges in a sustainable way. Lighting, in a better way!


We see sustainable business practices as a way of life, not just a check-the-box. At our HQ and manufacturing facility in Florence, IT, our teams work hard to minimize our impact on the environment, just as the energy efficient solutions we create help our customers do the same – and we’ve got the certifications to prove it

Photometric Data

Lighting Reality PRO has photometric data available to allow road, street and outdoor lighting designs to be produced which incorporate any of the following lighting products.

Street Lighting

  • DOT Eco
  • DOT Plus
  • StreetMaster™
  • Syrius Series
  • Energy UNO
  • Energy DUE
  • Energy TRE

Decorative Urban

  • URBAN Minimal
  • URBAN Pro


  • CFL Series