Lighting Reality optimize road visual

We are delighted to announce that the much anticipated Optimize and Manage modules of LR Studio are launching in preview mode this week at the ILP Lighting Live event in Daventry.

We are inviting all attendees to visit us at our stand to get a first look at the all-new software with its fresh new UI/UX, experience the enhanced functionality and to sign up for a free trial of the preview modules.

We are delighted to be launching at this ILP event where so many of our customers will be present and we look forward to gaining their feedback over the coming weeks on the new features and functionality as well as, crucially, the ease of deployment that the possibility to work Online facilitates
If you are not able to visit us, don’t worry. Just contact us at and we’ll send you details of how to access your free trial of LR Studio in preview mode.

Achieve More, in Less Time, with Fewer Resources…and less impact on your IT resources!

After 23 years of Lighting Reality PRO in its various guises, we took the decision that in order to meet the ever-increasing demands of Street & Area Lighting Designers and Manufacturers, we needed to rebuild our software from the ground upwards.  Having done this, and by making if available online, it puts us in a position to develop new innovations more rapidly and deploy them seamlessly in to your workflows.
More information on LR Studio is available on our website – – but to highlight some of the key benefits of moving online and of the unique LR Studio functionality, these include:

  • Multi-Platform Usage – no longer limited to Windows Operating Systems
  • One log-in; work anywhere flexibility
  • A step-change increase in Processing speeds for calculations through our servers and calculation engine
  • Multi-Grid Project Set Up and Multi-Variable Optimisation Capability (height, outreach, spacing and more)
  • More intuitive UI/UX
  • Greater flexibility in creating Product Groupings and full integration with Automate

Functionality & Product Database updates at the touch of a button, by-passing onerous software upgrade approval processes and simplifying your renewals process.

Lighting Reality photometric manager

Want to find out more? Contact us at

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